County Restrictions by Type(s) of Order

This visualization allows you to select a county and compare its public health orders across time and by type of order. First select the county, for example 'Placer'. Then select one or multiple types of orders, for example, you could select 'Degree of Closure' only or select 'Degree of Closure' and 'Mask Restrictions' to compare them.

Type of Restriction by Counties

This visualization allows you to select a type of restriction/order and view its level across time and compare its level across counties. First select the type of order, for example 'Degree of Closure'. Then select one or multiple counties, for example, you could select 'San Francisco' only or select 'San Francisco', Alameda', and 'San Mateo' to see how the three counties compare.

Data table

This table allows you to view the raw data associated with various counties and their types of orders. First, select one or more counties on the left. Then select your date and lastly, select the types of order/restrictions you would like to see. For the full dataset, visit our medRxiv page: Click here



Without vaccines, non-pharmaceutical interventions have been the most widely used approach to controlling the spread of COVID-19 epidemics. Various jurisdictions have implemented public health orders as a means of reducing effective contacts and controlling their local epidemics. Multiple studies have examined the effectiveness of various orders (e.g. use of face masks) for epidemic control. However, orders occur at different timings across jurisdictions and some orders on the same topic are stricter than others. We constructed a county-level longitudinal data set of more than 1,400 public health orders issues by California and its 58 counties pertaining to its 40 million residents.

Descriptive Analysis of Public Health Orders

Raw data

To construct the dataset, we developed and executed a search strategy to identify COVID-19 public health orders for all relevant counties in California. We characterized each identified public health order in terms of the timing of when it was announced, went into effect, and (potentially) expired. We also adapted an existing schema to describe the topic(s) each public health order dealt with and the degree of restrictions each imposed, applying it to all identified orders.

Visualization of data

This website visualizes the patterns of public health orders within and across counties, focusing on the timing of orders, the rate of increase and decrease in the degree of restrictions, and on variation and convergence of orders within regions.

Citation and Raw Data

For full description of search processes, summary statistics, and raw data, visit our medRxiv publication: Click here

Updates to the methods and data are also available on our group's website (, with a page dedicated to the public health orders: sccosmo website

Recommended Citation:

Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, Alexander F. Holsinger, Erin Holsinger, Elizabeth Long. State- and County-Level COVID-19 Public Health Orders in California: Constructing a Dataset and Describing Their Timing, Content, and Stricture. medRxiv 2020.11.08.20224915; DOI